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      UEFA Nations League

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      Re: UEFA Nations League
      Reply #90: Nov 22, 2018 01:09:32 pm
      Quote from Ribapuru
      So England, Holland, Portugal or Switzerland to lift the trophy. Great chance for a trophy. England really should have shown interest in hosting and not let Portugal get it so easily.

      Why exactly? England already co-hosts the Euros as it is.

      Quote from PurpleMonkey
      Nations League has been fun and competitive, but I am still against it, same with friendlies during the season. Imagine playing qualifiers instead and scraping the friendlies? More rest time for players during the season and summer.

      We could always sign players with no chance of playing international football. They would all be crap players admittedly, but they would get their rest time in the season and summer.

      There's no point in being "against it", it's up and running, and here to stay. Most English fans seemed to be against it when it started up, but because Lovren had a 5 minute snooze against England, the general opinion has changed, and they're singing football's coming home again.

      It's a bit of a mickey mouse tournament tbh, and the 3 team groups should be scrapped imo, but it gave the big countries what they wanted, and the weaker countries a chance to show what they're capable of. You could have 3 groups of 4, every game as competitive, with the winners and best runner up qualifying for the finals.

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