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      Today is the 4th of October and on this date LFC's match record is P27 W14 D5 L8

      Spare Tickets for Bournemouth 14/4/2018

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      Spare Tickets for Bournemouth 14/4/2018
      Apr 14, 2018 04:20:38 pm
      Hi Guys

      Does anyone know where I can list 3 tickets for the Liverpool v Bournemouth game today? We are down at the ground now, and 3 members of our Liverpool supporters club cannot make it, we have two seats in LC KL & KJ, and one in anfield road block 206.

      We are genuine supporters club no touts, open to offers for less than 50% of face value, if I can get anything back for the supporters who can’t make it and get bums on spare seats ;)
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      Re: Spare Tickets for Bournemouth 14/4/2018
      Reply #1: May 07, 2018 09:30:12 am
      The reason I came to this forum is because I need more knowledge, can you help me?

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