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      Dirk Kuyt final game, Rotterdam, 27th May 2018

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      Dirk Kuyt final game, Rotterdam, 27th May 2018
      May 05, 2018 07:07:23 am
      Goodmorning Liverpool fans,

      Probably the news spreaded that Dirk Kuyt has stopped as a pro. Kuyt now waves goodbye in a final game with some ex-Internationals from the Dutch team, a mix of "old&new" Feyenoord and a team of "Dirks friends".

      Word is that also Gerrard, Carragher, Dudek and maybe Suarez (he said he wanted to come but I haven't seen any updates on him) are playing in Kuyt his final game.

      I know Kuyt is loved by you aswell and I think Liverpool & Feyenoord have some respect and maybe even a friendship with and to eachother. So I wanted to let you know about this game.

      The is game is on sunday the 27th of may. So maybe this is a nice little trip to Rotterdam for the ones without a CL ticket. When you are interested in tickets: (or Google Dirk Kuyt Testimonial).

      Best of luck in the finals, i'm supporting you in this one!

      Best regards,
      Walter. A Feyenoord fan.

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