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      Stevie G Book-- My Story

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      Stevie G Book-- My Story
      May 17, 2018 05:06:40 am
      Hi Everyone! I just finished the Stevie G book 'My Story'...I had a lot of reading to do for work and I was just able to get a copy here in the states. Anyway, wanted to hear what some other people thought about it.

      I know I had to fight back tears a few times...particularly around 'the slip' and how he beat him self up over it.

      I also enjoyed hearing his point of view on other coaches and players that he played against...especially Jose...

      I LOVED how he called out Trent Alexander Arnold for being a potential 'big time player' in the future for Liverpool...seems to know what he was talking about. hahahaha.

      Would love to hear other peoples perspectives.

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