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      World Cup or Champions League?

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      Re: World Cup or Champions League?
      Reply #30: Jul 16, 2018 09:38:43 am
      For me Messi has to win the world Cup.  To be considered in my eyes the greatest.  Argentina have good players they definitely have the tools to win it  and if he is the greatest above Maradona then he has to win.  Messi has more talent than Maradonna in my opinion but to be the greatest ever, one has to have more than talent.

      This exact thought....
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      Re: World Cup or Champions League?
      Reply #31: Jul 17, 2018 10:44:50 pm
      Am I off on this or has the CL equaled or surpassed the WC in terms of importance?  I think its harder to win the CL than a WC.

      Thread I'd missed.

      No doubt about it, harder to win the World Cup as a player.  For a kick off it's only once every 4 years.  And you've got to be fit in that 6 or 7 week period out of every 4 years.  Champions League for the likes of Messi and he could enjoy a lengthy spell on the sidelines, rock up in the final and bang in a hat-trick.

      Also Champions League knockouts are all played over two legs - significantly reduces the ability for a shock result like at the World Cup.
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      Re: World Cup or Champions League?
      Reply #32: Jul 18, 2018 07:32:26 pm
      For all it's faults and disappointments over the years (especially South Africa), this year's World Cup really was fantastic and a fresh reminder that it is the greatest competition in football. Loved every day of it and I'll look back fondly on it.
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      Re: World Cup or Champions League?
      Reply #33: Jul 23, 2018 05:26:53 am
      Winning the Champions League is solely restricted to the extremely wealthy clubs. Investment is everything in that competition, without it you may as well not bother. This last World Cup was exciting because there weren't nay clear favourites. It has ignited my interest in this competition again, particularly given the CL is becoming so stale.

      As for the old Messi V Maradona. Well if you play with the Barcelona team from 2009 onwards then you pretty much have everything laid on for you. His efficiency is very good. To say he had more talent than Maradona is not true, he doesn't. He has centipede legs, I have watched them both and El Pibe is in a different league ultimately. They brought him into win at Napoli and he dd it twice.  Remarkable given the teams in the Serie A then. He had to win the World Cup .. he did. He had an aura that you never doubted he would be decisive in the game. HIs repertoire of skills is phenomenal.  Messi has failed to score in a WC knockout match same with Ronaldo. Let that sink in. 
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      Re: World Cup or Champions League?
      Reply #34: Jul 23, 2018 02:08:32 pm
      lfc across the water
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      Re: World Cup or Champions League?
      Reply #35: Jul 23, 2018 02:29:18 pm
      26 of the 32 group stage spots are already decided, before the current qualifiers. But it's not just the extremely wealthy who benefit from it. For some clubs from the weaker leagues, just getting to the group phase is the goal in itself. The Nicosias, the Borisovs, the Ludogorets.

      The World Cup may not be the same quality, but it still remains the most revered competition in the world, where pride and honour is at stake, and financial rewards for players are modest. Even in today's 24/7 commercial world, there is still no sponsorship logos permitted on an international shirt during a competitive game. And nobody notices. International football is one of those rare things, where cash isn't king.

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