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      Curtis Jones Player Thread (M)

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      Re: Curtis Jones Player Thread (M)
      Reply #598: May 17, 2023 03:31:05 pm
      I think if you recall back his original 'style' was lots of flicks and tricks and running at opponents. This appeared to have been coached out of him prior to his injuries and he was a bit more subdued. Since regaining fitness he's improved game on game and obviously working to the plan he has been coached to do.
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      Re: Curtis Jones Player Thread (M)
      Reply #599: May 17, 2023 05:30:17 pm
      Also probably not good enough to be a regular starter but vital to a Klopp squad.

      Not changed me mind but he's certainly giving the boss no reason to drop him, so maybe he is good enough to be a regular starter. Stay fit over the summer and he has to start next season as he's earned the shirt.
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      Re: Curtis Jones Player Thread (M)
      Reply #600: May 17, 2023 08:58:34 pm
      Not a fan of Jones, but he has been impressive the last few games
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      Re: Curtis Jones Player Thread (M)
      Reply #601: May 19, 2023 10:51:32 am
      ;D, bro you had this team finishing in bottom 10 a few weeks in. You're one of the first ones to head to the door when we struggle.

      Was a few months ago actually, along with most of our fan base, when we were playing consistent dogshit. Luckily we got some key players back fit the last few weeks, and adjusted TAA's role, which made a huge difference to our form.

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