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      Today is the 24th of May and on this date LFC's match record is P14 W9 D1 L4

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      Q. LFC Man of the Match v PSG?

      39 (46.4%)
      Joe Gomez
      3 (3.6%)
      Dejan Lovren
      1 (1.2%)
      Virgil van Dijk
      0 (0%)
      Andy Robertson
      18 (21.4%)
      Jordan Henderson
      2 (2.4%)
      James Milner
      5 (6%)
      Georginio Wijnaldum
      0 (0%)
      Mohammed Salah
      0 (0%)
      Roberto Firmino
      0 (0%)
      Sadio Mane
      15 (17.9%)
      Naby Keïta
      1 (1.2%)
      Daniel Sturridge
      0 (0%)
      Xherdan Shaqiri
      0 (0%)

      Total Members Voted: 84

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      Paris St Germain 2-1 Liverpool: In game and Post Match discussion

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      Re: Paris St Germain 2-1 Liverpool: In game and Post Match discussion
      Reply #900: Nov 30, 2018 08:58:59 pm
      Do you actually read what I posted - I’ll try and simplify it for you

      This season Klopp has along with some new signing adjusted the tactics to make us better defensively to ensure we don’t throw away games , trying to get more wins from the draws we had last year - that conservative more defensive approach it appears people don’t like because it’s “boring” -

      Now according to the simpleton he puts the change in defence strength down to just Alisson based on stats - well sorry for me stats don’t always show the full picture and the defensive improvement this year is down to a full combination of a number of areas - VVD and Gomez as a pair , Alisson and setting up a bit more solid. Now my point about Alisson whilst he has been solid in a good number of the games he has been able to coast through doing things simple without being stretched to his full ability

      Now hopefully that paints the picture a little bit simplier for you and the simpleton

      Oh and the comment about going to the game was in response to your snide remark about not just watching the highlights

      Btw - if you want to borrow the return button make a paragraph just ask  :roll:

      Ok, instead of being too mouthful. I'll just sum it up with the least words. By the way, I'm never good in "English Language" so pardon me. I flunked all the exams. "Individuals have performed not the tactics". Ok, ok ok you win all the way, will that be ok for you?

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