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      Next match: LFC v Man City [Premier League] Sun 3rd Oct @ 4:30 pm

      Today is the 28th of September and on this date LFC's match record is P31 W20 D4 L7

      Points on board or Games in hand

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      Re: Points on board or Games in hand
      Reply #75: Aug 22, 2021 01:46:32 pm
      Quote from GERNS
      when they lost to Chavs, it was euphoria  ;D

      It was great when the final whistle went, sure. The 2 hours beforehand and counting the minutes left, less so. Admittedly I only watched bits and pieces of the game live. I don't watch City games as seeing them in full flight ripping cannon fodder to shreds, genuinely scares me. So the only time I watch them play is when we have to. Even then, I only have a certain level of patience. I know what I should do so you can spare me the lectures but I'm sorry, watching them rack up 3-4-5 goal leads against us with De Bruyne and co running amok, is just too much for me to stomach at the time.

      Because they play so many cup games, they often have games in hand on us in the run in. That means we're usually praying for favours, which usually don't happen. With 7 games still to go, our fate was still in our own hands, so we didn't need a favour from Chelsea that night, but obviously we'll take them when we get them.

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