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      Costly Draws - lesson from 2009

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      Costly Draws - lesson from 2009
      Feb 06, 2019 05:18:06 pm
      Don't attach too much importance to us having lost only one PL match this season, compared to City's four defeats. I mean, if we'd beaten either Leicester or West Ham and lost to the other, we'd have taken 3 points rather than 2 from that pair of fixtures.

      I'm reminded of ten years ago, when we finished 2nd to Man United, despite beating them twice (2-1 at home, 4-1 away). They lost four times in the PL compared to our two. But they won three matches more than us (28 to 25), and drew five matches fewer (6 to our 11).

      We came up short by four points (86 to 90). If just two of our 11 draws had been wins, we'd have pipped them on goal difference.

      The 11 draws were against Villa (home 0-0), Stoke (home and away, both 0-0), Fulham (home 0-0), West Ham (home 0-0), Hull City (home 2-2), Arsenal (away 1-1 and home 4-4), Everton (home 1-1), Wigan (away 1-1) and Man City (home 1-1).

      Spurs haven't drawn a single match in the PL this season, which must be some kind of record (19 wins, 6 defeats).

      This season we've had 5 draws and 1 defeat. City have 2 draws and 4 defeats.
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      Re: Costly Draws - lesson from 2009
      Reply #1: Feb 06, 2019 06:34:35 pm
      So what’s the actual point here? 5 draws and 1 defeat at this stage of the season is way way more than what anyone would have expected before the season starts.

      We are going to stop points along the way but we aren’t ever playing for draws, that isn’t our style. We always play for the 3 points and will occasionally come up short, so what exactly are you proposing changes?
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      Re: Costly Draws - lesson from 2009
      Reply #2: Feb 06, 2019 08:02:34 pm
      Were always going to drop points. Its the manner in which they are being dropped.

      Handed a lead with city losing at Newcastle!! We then draw to 2 mid table teams with 2 very very preventable goals

      Injuries not helping: We released 4 players was it then told ourselves our squad was top notch and we only released players who played 3 hours between them.. 2 injuries later.....

      Refusal to make a signing in the window to kick on from the great position we were in

      Just not playing wel....this happens

      Combo of all the above has seen a nice lead blown. But with all that said we could remain 3 points or 2 ahead tonight at worst 2nd on hoal difference with a game in hand. So effectively from Saturday to the last day we just have to match or better whatever city or spurs do in the same period.....can that be done...100%. Will it be done???

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