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      Hillsborough 30 years on

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      Re: Hillsborough 30 years on
      Reply #25: Apr 16, 2019 08:34:59 pm
      30 years on and still the images i saw on grandstand are etched on my memory

      Same here, I was almost 10 years old at my Grans decked out in my full Candy Liverpool kit excited about us being in a semi final, the game wasn't on telly but was watching grandstand for updates on the game. As a kid you don't always understand the full severity not immediately anyway but in the hours after I knew even at that age this was horrific. YNWA
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      Re: Hillsborough 30 years on
      Reply #26: Apr 17, 2019 10:45:22 am
      Was 12 years old when this tragedy occurred. It's mad how i can forget what i went upstairs for but can remember this tragedy as if it was yesterday. I think of the hurt i feel every time this subject is brought up so i cannot even begin to comprehend the emotions it brings up for those who were directly involved in the tragedy. It is a testament to their families love, courage and boundless determination that true justice is still being fought for.

      30 years, think about that? 30 years on and still fighting with all they have, that's some serious attrition.

      In my eyes there is only one true justice for the crimes committed by the various members of certain establishments. Now is not the time for airing those views.

      96 Warriors. Gone but never ever forgotten.

      You'll Never Walk Alone.

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      Re: Hillsborough 30 years on
      Reply #27: Apr 17, 2019 01:17:07 pm
      Was just a kid when I watched the sequence of events unfold on the telly.

      It should never have happened. They only went to a football match.

      We'll never forget them. And they'll be with us when we win the league this year.

      This picture always sends chills down my spine. The 96 will forever be remembered. YNWA.

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