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      Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0

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      Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Sep 15, 2019 12:12:08 am
      Roberto Firmino is now sitting, standing, flicking, backheeling, stepping over and any other trick possible his way to two hundred Liverpool appearances, whenever he next wears the Liverpool shirt.

      29 million from Hoffenheim back in 2015 to essentially help fill the void that Suarez and Sterling's departures, Gerrard's retirement and Sturridge's injuries had left in our goalscoring stakes. The others who were tasked with that responsibility included the likes of Balotelli, Ings, Benteke and Lambert. Those four between them managed 21 goals in 131 Liverpool games.

      Bobby is now just one game away from 200 and has netted 68 times. And if there is a criticism of the Brazilian it is his lack of goals. He's only had one season where he's scored more than 17 goals and also one season where he's scored 15 or more Premier League goals. But while he may have originally been signed to help fill the void of our top four goalscorers from the 13-14 season, his role as the centre forward has changed over the time. It appears he is no longer in the team to be the main goalscorer and instead be a show-stealing support act.

      He took his time to find his feet and show his worth to the club but as time has went on he has certainly done both. And I don't want this to digress into a Rodgers v Klopp debate - though it undoubtedly will. But despite a slowish start, he has become one of the most important players to our squad.

      He will become the 109th player to reach 200 games for the club and the second south-American after Philippe Coutinho achieved the feat in 2017 against Swansea - a game in which Bobby scored twice during our 5-0 rout. I think I'm right in saying that only Henderson in the current squad has achieved 200 games, which shows how big this is for Bobby.

      So a massive congratulations to Bobby Firmino on what will be a special occasion whenever it happens - possibly this week against Napoli. A selfless worker with all your traditional Brazilian flair who is now about to join a club very few players get to.

      Once again, well done Bobby.
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #1: Sep 15, 2019 01:59:19 am
      Excellent post Billy , unlike some of his counterparts, I don’t think, Bobby sees us as a stepping stone, As a player it’s hard to believe how underrated he is , he is what makes us tick at the top end , a player you watch with admiration, a proper team player with skill and panache.
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #2: Sep 15, 2019 02:47:01 am
      It’s hard to pass up VVD for any accolade but I think Firmino is probably my favorite current player. He is so awesome to watch. Makes the ridiculous look easy and I bet if you asked Mane and Salah they would tell you that Bobby holds the key to unlocking their maximum potential.
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #3: Sep 15, 2019 03:12:59 am
      Just an amazing player. Does it all for us.

      I think he's easily cemented as our 2nd most important player on this team after Van Dijk. Just fantastic.
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #4: Sep 15, 2019 06:40:43 am
      Brilliant player and I’d actually say unique in world football.

      Not any other player I can think of that does what he does.
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #5: Sep 15, 2019 06:47:36 am
      Si Senor, give the ball to Bobby and he will score, pass, flick, assist, take the piss, track back, attack and do it all again again and again, 
      What we have here in my opinion is probably the best false 9 on the planet and f**k all to do with Carlsberg,
      The fella just Oozes class and was made to play for this team, thanks Brendan, but i don't think he even realised just how good a player Bobby is, Jürgen has again gotten the best out of him (and still improving) with the football he wants to play and the players that are around him,

      World class is what our Bobby is, and our side has quite a few of them now,  Alisson,  Van Dijk, Fabinho,  Salah,  Mane & Bobby, easy to see why LFC are fast becoming a real world class unit and Bastions of invincibility!!

      Si Senor

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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #6: Sep 15, 2019 09:08:53 am
      I think that how many goals Bobby scores is taken out of context.I am sure Sadio and Mo would be the first to admit they owe Bobby big time for a big percentage of the goals they score.We are blessed to have Bobby Firmino playing for Liverpool Football Club
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #7: Sep 15, 2019 05:29:29 pm
      Incredible player & of massive importance to how we play from the back to the front,he really is filth with a football  so much so his antics on the pitch  with the ball should be on pornhub.
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #8: Sep 15, 2019 10:39:26 pm
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #9: Sep 16, 2019 12:56:14 am
      He da Man.
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #10: Sep 16, 2019 11:01:15 am
      I was one of those who wasn't his biggest fan a couple of years ago.  My son (who's always been a massive fan of him) even bought me a Liverpool top with his name on the back 2 years ago asa wind-up.

      He's been so good the past 2 years in particular and is clearly one of our mot important players.
      The front 3 have all been superb the past couple of years and when they're really on it, we look like we're gonna score 5 or 6 every time.

      Great times to be reds fan & a privilege to watch Firmino do his stuff.  Saturday's performance was the genius.
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #11: Sep 16, 2019 11:42:22 am
      The glue, no, the foundation of the Klopp transformation at Liverpool.

      Most team building logic will say to build from the back.

      Klopp has built from the front. Firmino is the cornerstone.
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #12: Sep 16, 2019 03:39:18 pm
      An incredible footballer and it feels as though he's created an entirely new role because you genuinely can't describe in a word or two what he does on the pitch.

      He isn't a centre forward, a "traditional number 10", a winger or an inside forward. What he's doing at the minute is pretty revolutionary and I can't think of a single player who is doing the same
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      Re: Congratulations 2 B0bby Firmin0
      Reply #13: Sep 16, 2019 04:20:32 pm
      Never imagined he'd end up being our main striker. A testament to his undeniable talent and Klopps vision.

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