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      Neco Williams Player Thread

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      Re: Neco Williams Player Thread
      Reply #75: Sep 25, 2020 04:15:46 pm
      He's a kid doing what other kids do.

      Not his fault he's suddenly playing first team football for Liverpool and that we have a bunch of morons calling themselves fans.

      These fans left our player to walk alone? It's not like he lost us the CL singlehandedly. I do not understand these fans. Probably a bunch of wums.
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      Re: Neco Williams Player Thread
      Reply #76: Sep 25, 2020 04:21:34 pm
      Think the whole no fans thing will have a bit to do with it as well. Since he's started to half break into the team over the last few months it's all been in empty stadiums and hasn't had the support of 1000s of proper fans, so he probably thinks this weird online fringe of bedwetters who are giving him grief are a representation of the overall support, which they certainly aren't
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      Re: Neco Williams Player Thread
      Reply #77: Sep 25, 2020 04:36:13 pm
      What is wrong with some people
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      Re: Neco Williams Player Thread
      Reply #78: Sep 26, 2020 01:59:32 pm
      He didn’t have his best game with him V Lincoln but he’s still learning, he will make mistakes, he will give the ball away/lose it at times, he still has that innocent look about him, and he is Still a kid, what other 19 year old lads out there play professional football in a side as good as we are ?

      Those Tw*ts on Twitter are green with envy, or have nothing better to do than hide behind their bile spouting keyboards, WANKERS !

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      Re: Neco Williams Player Thread
      Reply #79: Sep 26, 2020 03:05:12 pm
      That's it. Most won't have their own name / photo on their profile so on first glance it could look as though you've got a load of people giving you abuse. Majority will just be idiots who are staying up past their bedtime though

      Worst of it is they're absolute armchair no marks who've never been near Anfield in their life and should be called out as cu*ts who simply have no f**king understanding of the Liverpool way, but have a twitter account so think they actually have a voice and a right to abuse the lads.

      I wish they would turn up outside or inside any boozer of their choice around Anfield and share their views. They would be in for a big f**king shock!

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