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      Dortmund fan here - ticket swap for Burnley for Dortmund

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      Michael BvB
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      • James Milner
      Dortmund fan here - ticket swap for Burnley for Dortmund
      Feb 26, 2020 03:59:19 pm
      Hi, I`m Michael from Bvb. My three friends and I are looking forward to our trip to Liverpool. We travel the second time to meet our friends from the LFC, who also visited us in Dortmund.

      Unfortunately, we still have a "little problem", because we still have no tickets for the LFC vs. Burnley. But we have an attractive offer for everyone, we offer tickets in exchange: We have season tickets by BvB, the home of the yellow wall. If someone has 4 tickets for the match against burnley, so he has 4 tickets for a trip to the BvB, no matter which game, he is allowed to choose.
      We have good, but not expensive seats in Dortmund.
      If the tickets are more expensive in Liverpool, we pay the difference.
      We look forward to you and Liverpool!!!
      Yellow-black regards, Michael

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