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      Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool: In game and Post Match discussion

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      Re: Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool: In game and Post Match discussion
      Reply #400: Jul 21, 2020 05:48:39 pm
      I'm pretty sure we weren't blowing teams away every week.

      At various times before the "lockdown", we've looked a bit blowy, on fire, leggy; it's been really up and down, consistent only in that we've found a way to win so many times, particularly when not at our best.

      Even in this part-season, we've been on fire at times, and a bit short at others.

      The difference, I think, is that we've had absolutely no luck.
      On another day, we put 4 past Burnley, and get a win at Arsenal because we don't make silly mistakes.

      The idea that we've strode imperiously, through the league, blowing teams away every week is not true.
      There's been a good few games where we've had a slice of luck.
      Now you could say that we made our own luck by the way we pressured teams, and I wouldn't argue with that, but yeah, we've had some luck along the way, the same as every other team ever to win a title.

      I've seen the VVD diagonal throughout the mini-season.
      I've seen players blowing hot and cold throughout the season.
      I've seen more luck for us than bad luck against us (and about f**king time).
      I've seen a team that digs in and grinds out a result when not firing on all cylinders.
      I've seen us create shitloads of chances and fail to finish them in both parts of the season.

      I just don't see the players as being any more tired than they have been at various other points.
      I just see a group with a few players who haven't quite hit their stride.

      Let's be honest, the lads have slipped a little bit in terms of concentration, and I'm fine with that.

      But knackered?
      Not for me, I'm just not seeing it.

      We did the more important thing, which is to consistently bag three points, whether we scrapped it or won it ugly or relied on luck.

      Thrashing teams is only one of the means to an end. No necessarily the only means to a beautiful end. The league is first a game of points and I don’t mind winning ugly or scrapping it if it means we bag the points.

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