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      Game of the Season - 2019/20

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      Re: Game of the Season - 2019/20
      Reply #25: Jul 28, 2020 08:06:05 am
      Favourite game in all competitions was when becoming World Champions. Sadly, the achievement didn't get the recognition it deserves, but I always wanted us to win it, now we have it and it still feels fantastic. I don't know how long it will last, but hopefully it will be a while longer than winning the League Cup, the competition some were telling us to prioritise instead, at the time. In our absence, someone less successful than ourselves won it. Never has so much money being spent on a team just to win the League Cup.

      Made up we won it but for me it was more to do with the fact it's a trophy we'd never won before (and United had). Its good to have a bit of kudos to be able to say you're "World Champions" but that's about it for me.

      For future tournaments I believe it's being held in the summer and expanding to a 24-team competition, so it will probably be pretty unrecognisable from those Pre-season tournaments like the Audi Cup and would be treated as a kick about for most clubs. I'd take a League Cup any day of the week

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      Re: Game of the Season - 2019/20
      Reply #26: Jul 28, 2020 05:42:08 pm
      Has to be Leicester 0-4 for me, at the time they were second and our closest rivals, and they were flying, to go there and totally destroy their ambitions was for me a real statement of intent, I knew then that we would be hard to displace no matter how Citeh or anybody else faired,

      It wasn’t just the defeat tho, it was how we set about them, everything had to be right and go right on the day, and it did, the execution of Jürgen’s tactics worked to a tee, the fact that we scored four times and it could have been six or seven, was testament to the players all in tune with each other, I’d say it was the performance of the season, where everything clicked, Trent’s goal, in particular, the fourth was a example of the desire &  hunger within the squad, he ran almost the length of the pitch so he could accept Mane’s pass, and without breaking stride hammered the ball-past Schmichael, that was in the 70th odd minute, and 3 nil up,

      Many supporters would have been happy to take a point from them, and if I remember correctly we were in one of those unexplainable parts of the season where we weren’t playing that well, so handing out a real Shafting away at our nearest and not so dearest was particularly pleasing, and a Massive FUCK YOU, to all the doubting Thomas’s in the media.

      We won the league that day in my humblest opinion, and I think the players believed they had too.

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      Re: Game of the Season - 2019/20
      Reply #27: Jul 28, 2020 07:04:16 pm
      There are a few candidates - leicester, Villa, Wolves, City, but it has to be the home game against United. We absolutely slaughtered them, should have been at least five up yet with ten minutes to go they were having their best spell of the match and only a goal away from the most undeserved draw in history. Then Allison passes to Mo and he's clean through. What followed seemed to take an age, James is closing in like a missile and he's facing De Gea who has already made several great saves. When he slotted it home it was a roar of relief. The Allison celebration was perfect. Then the "We're gonna win the League" which we've never dare sing the whole season despite the masive lead in points. That was the moment we put all our horrific disappointments behind us, and a moment that confirmed their decline and our ascendency. You could feel the self belief pump through our veins.
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      Re: Game of the Season - 2019/20
      Reply #28: Jul 28, 2020 08:35:12 pm
      Two late goals away at Villa was the most memorable for me.
      Not a classic performance from us by a long shot, but taking a Hansen quote incredible 'grit and determination' to battle till the end and get the two goals.
      Unbelievable remembering it again typing this :)
      We put out a massive marker that day that we were stone wall title contenders.

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