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      Non-Stop shouting from the Coaches

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      Robby The Z
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      Non-Stop shouting from the Coaches
      Dec 14, 2020 08:18:40 am
      I've noticed this before but it was especially intense today: What is up with multiple coaches from both teams just screaming out at the players and referees throughout the game? I know Klopp had a go at one or more players after their goal, but this shouting and screaming I reference was going on on with every kick of the ball, every challenge, every referees decision.  Of course you can hear it more with few or no fans, but you start to get the idea that players have no ability to make a football decision on their own.And why a referee would allow so much of it accompanying every decision he makes is beyond me. It's so disrespectful and should be nipped in the bud.

      Klopp actually made a reference to it in his post-match comments . Would like to see a little cultural improvement in this area +awful at youth level as well), but probably just me.
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      Re: Non-Stop shouting from the Coaches
      Reply #1: Dec 14, 2020 05:20:41 pm
      In regards to shouting instructions at the players I'm not sure how many of those orders actually sink in. I'm of the belief that a good percentage of football is instinctive, especially with the pace of the modern game. I've heard numerous players in the past admit to near enough blanking out most of the orders being barked from their managers on the touchline, granted it's now harder to do with reduced crowds but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot still manage to do so. You'd imagine a lot of players get that tunnel vision when they step onto the pitch

      I'd say with a lot of managers too it's just a way for them to let off steam too. I imagine most of us on here do similar when watching the games ourselves, the managers will be probably feeling the same pressure we do times by ten.

      Think it's just part and parcel of the game. You're right about youth level and beyond though. You could maybe understand touchline outbursts at the top level given the high stakes, but there's nothing more embarrassing than a fat dad on the touchline of an U11's school game challenging every referee decision like he's John McEnroe. Came across plenty of those characters growing up. Sunday league / schoolboy referees deserve to be paid a lot more for some of the sh*te they have to put up with  ;D
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      Re: Non-Stop shouting from the Coaches
      Reply #2: Dec 14, 2020 06:31:26 pm
      I've noticed this before but it was especially intense today:

      It was pretty obvious yesterday Robby that Fulham were all over us like a rash, especially in that first half, which to me, explains why Jürgen went mental with the whole team, banging his chest, wanting the lot of them to wake up and smell the coffee.Otherwise it could've got very embarrassing.
      Thank God for Alisson...
      So many holes in our midfield during that first half as Fulham just walked through us and we couldn't cope with any long ball they threw upfield, missing that loose second ball so many times.

      I'm like that in my living room to be fairs !! ;D

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