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      Liverpool 2-0 Leipzig: In game and Post Match discussion

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      Re: Liverpool 2-0 Leipzig: In game and Post Match discussion
      Reply #500: Mar 12, 2021 12:47:01 pm
      oh that's right. I'm getting old and forgetful. I like Grujic as a player and wouldn't mind him being back here next season although i don't expect it.

      Jürgen didn't make some mistake in loaning him out and I believe he was up against a limit of foreign players he could register in the squad anyway. All that poster does is try to bring Klopp down and I'm tired of it.

      No fair enough on that last para, totally get it!!
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      Re: Liverpool 2-0 Leipzig: In game and Post Match discussion
      Reply #501: Mar 12, 2021 11:09:06 pm
      Forgot to come in here and say get the fuckkk innnnnnnn, thru to the quarters, bring them on!!!

      How good was it to see Fab back where he belongs?
      lfc across the water
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      Re: Liverpool 2-0 Leipzig: In game and Post Match discussion
      Reply #502: Mar 13, 2021 10:59:30 am
      Quote from bazspeedman
      Brilliant ref so refreshing in CL games.

      Steady. He is the same ref who was the VAR for Midtylland away. Because he took his time trying to judge handballs, penalties and offsides, there was 9 minutes injury time.

      Quote from HamannsTheMan
      Very good performance and something that was very much needed. Hate to put a slight downer on a great night for us but I thought leipzig were very average over the two legs to be honest, border line poor, so I don’t want to get carried away or big us up too much. They don’t belong at this stage of the competition and we were barely tested by them.

      Don’t get me wrong, we were very professional over the two legs and we can only beat whatever’s in front of us, but people will talk about Fabinho playing in the midfield and how it’s a must from here on. We all know how badly we’ve missed Fabinho in the midfield (people say it’s henderson but it’s actually Fabinho who we deeply miss) but put a top striker in europe up against kabak and they will cause us no end of trouble. The likes of Haaland and Lewandowski will drag that back line all over the place.

      Great night. Quarter finals. Bring on f**king anybody.

      So we've gone from "want the season to end" to "bring on the world" in 90 minutes. That's what a home win in Europe does I suppose.

      As for their level, they kicked Atletico out and reached the semi finals of it last season. They kicked the mancs out of it this season, so they're no mugs. If they scored the first goal instead of hitting the bar, we would  probably be facing a nerve wracking ending, but we've had enough of them lately.

      As for us, our confidence has been affected to such an extent that we missed a heap of easy chances before going 3-0 up. Once we got the 4th, we could see it out, but we'll have to be more clinical in the next rounds. And please get VVD fit and ready for the next round, because he will be needed.

      It's probably the first and last time we've had a home game not at Anfield, but it has been two very successful trips to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Last year, a full Anfield wasn't enough to help us get into the quarter finals on it's own. This year, we showed that when we apply ourselves properly, we can still win at home regardless of the situation we're faced with.

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