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      Newsies type stories.

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      Re: Newsies type stories.
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      Always the same story. The Israeli gov’t continues its systematic denial of the rights of Palestinians, the international community does largely nothing about it, Palestinians resist and extremists on both sides then seize the opportunity to escalate the situation. Before long you’ve gone from demonstration and protest to sporadic violence; holy sites being invaded and ultranationalists literally revelling in the chaos inflicted upon their perceived enemies.

      Trapped, deprived and humiliated under the yoke of their oppressors — and lacking the sophisticated military equipment possessed by the IDF — this triggers rocket attacks fired indiscriminately at civilian populations, which inevitably gives Israel the green light, under the cover of self-defence, to retaliate with overwhelming and disproportionate military force that causes 10x the number of Palestinian casualties as there are Israeli. A dismal state of affairs. There are few politicians I despise more than Netanyahu.
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      Re: Newsies type stories.
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