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      You and Liverpool: Why?

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      Re: You and Liverpool: Why?
      Reply #75: Mar 12, 2021 04:48:16 pm
      Born in Liverpool a stones throw away from Anfield in Bootle all those years ago and even though I'm not in Liverpool any more...well you can take the girl away from Liverpool but you'll never take Liverpool away from the girl, proud Scouser and always will be.

      All my family on my Mum's side were staunch Reds, my Grandad had a massive influence on me as did my Uncle sadly passed away now but have lots of wonderful memories.

      Like some of the other posters, watched the boys training at Melwood, been a Kop season ticket holder for years, been to 5 European Cup finals (the first 5) and followed the reds all over Europe and the country, met some amazing reds fans along the way including many off this forum and generally had an amazing life supporting the most fantastic club in the world.

      50 pence to watch the lads from the Kop back in the day, wow, have I had some special nights on the standing swaying kop, different now of course but back then it was something else.

      Was lucky enough to do the tour of Anfield end of last season with Keegan my grandson, who is of course a red  :) had our photograph taken with the Premiership, special club all round and very special fans, can't wait till were all back celebrating together, we need each other.

      Be nice, we'll get through this blip and come out the other side, keep the faith will never walk alone, remember the good times and they will be back.

      I'm good thank you I hope you are all ok to.  Be so glad when we can all go again and the Reds hit top form again.

      Quite a few adventures you have had over the years following us to. 😁

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