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      Today is the 28th of November and on this date LFC's match record is P25 W7 D3 L15

      Your Match Day Experience

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      Re: Your Match Day Experience
      Reply #25: Nov 07, 2021 05:27:59 pm
      Wasnt sure where this would best fit

      Looking to see what people feel about the ole at the wheel chant becoming a bit of a regular now?

      Great little number. But do we need to hear it v Atletico? Will we need to hear it v West ham? We have so many songs to sing about ourselves, plus we have 11 players to sing about rather then a manager of a rival club

      Yes its great sticking the boot in but I find it a bit, well, man utd. They and others like chelsea sing about us all the time which Ive always found odd, pathetic, but yet slightly flattering. Are we going that route?

      Only just seen this.

      It's sh*te mate and a bit of fun poking at Old Trafford but that should have been the end of it

      We're better than that.
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      Re: Your Match Day Experience
      Reply #26: Nov 08, 2021 11:32:23 am
      Was great at Atletico. Was in the lower Anfield road which is the certainly the loudest place to be besides the Kop. They've recently installed safe standing / rail seats on the back few rows which I think will help the atmosphere. Massive difference between there and the likes of the Main Stand which can be very quiet at times. Think the sending off lowered the tone a bit as Atletico really seemed to retreat after that and we understandably took our foot off of the gas a bit.

      Only small gripe from that game was some of the chants were a bit un-Liverpool like. The "Simeone is a w**ker" was a bit cringe. Sort of an Archetypal lower league chant that I didn't expect to hear at Anfield. Think we really need to give the "Ole's at the Wheel" chat a miss too, unless of course we're playing United & if by some miracle he's still there next time we meet. Sounded great at Old Trafford but I think there's a time and a place for piss take songs. All in all was a great night though!

      Tbf that "Simeone is a w**ker" chant sounded like something from the late 80s.
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      Re: Your Match Day Experience
      Reply #27: Nov 10, 2021 08:51:15 pm
      Quote from waltonl4
      I dont go much these days but I still prefer the old days of the mid 70's and on. We would get to the ground as soon as possible when the gates opened. Couldnt afford a programme but would wait for the first glimpse of the players walking out fully clothed before going back and getting changed for the warm up. Watching the halftime scores going up along the Kemlyn road stand whilst trying to get a glimpse of a programme to work out what they all meant.
      First major event was the Uefa cup final at Anfield which if I remember was rained off and then played the following night with John Toshack now in the starting line up.

      Yes it was. Looking at the pitch from the night it was played, certainly wouldn't meet UEFA standards today.

      In a sign of how far behind the club was commercially, we were one of the last top clubs to have pitchside advertising. It was introduced gradually for a few years until 1981/82, when all of the pitchside was used. That continued until 2008 when LED advertising replaced it.

      Before any advertising at all, the half time scores were displayed. I still wonder what was the point of it, when most of the scores would look irrelevant with e.g. 10 minutes of the second half remaining.

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