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      Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich)

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      Re: Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich)
      Reply #23: Jun 29, 2021 02:55:58 pm
      Do you not get bored of the same narrative time and time again 😴

      It's a happy thing to fantasize without having to worry where the money is coming from. There's so much freedom when we assume we've money for any player we would like. Money indeed talks.

      I may be talking through me nose. But when I start to think how much we have for subsequent transfers, it's hard to imagine these nice names coming in... if we ain't getting them realistically, at least let me dream while the window is open. It doesn't cost anything to dream.
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      Re: Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich)
      Reply #24: Jun 29, 2021 09:28:58 pm
      Stop those fantasy wa**s. Keita is iron in comparison to this dude.

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