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      Kaide Gordon Player Thread (Academy)

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      Re: Kaide Gordon Player Thread
      Reply #23: Jan 10, 2022 01:01:15 pm
      thats something you cant teach a player he was as cool as Robbie with players all around him he just slotted it home

      I dont mean to heap pressure on the kid not at all, and I dont think Ill see another God in my time but his goal just had that Robbieness about it, good first touch and the 2nd touch was the finish before anyone could react to his first touch
      My initial thought was to say no Bri, but actually I think it would be disappointing not to see him involved with the big two away and how he played yesterday

      Probably wouldn’t start him myself but I hope he’s involved

      I just cant help but think hes scored his confidence is up leave him in see how he goes. Yes its a massive stepup but lets see if he can stepup with it. Good enough old enough
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      Re: Kaide Gordon Player Thread
      Reply #24: Jan 10, 2022 04:45:58 pm

      I would start him
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      Re: Kaide Gordon Player Thread
      Reply #25: Jan 10, 2022 04:48:08 pm

      He might you know.

      Gonna depend on fitness of other guys.
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      Re: Kaide Gordon Player Thread
      Reply #26: Jan 10, 2022 06:39:51 pm
      Klopps Snood
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      Re: Kaide Gordon Player Thread
      Reply #27: Jan 11, 2022 10:31:11 pm
      Been raving about him for a while now, tremendous prospect, you can tell he's just got it, watch this space, very excited about him.
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      Re: Kaide Gordon Player Thread
      Reply #28: Jan 18, 2022 10:30:26 pm
      Damn, think he panicked a bit with his shot, went straight at the Keeper, when either side of the GK would have seen him slot his first PL goal of his career.

      Kid looks classy, just needed to find that composure he found in the FA Cup but I bet, in his mind, he was celebrating already.
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      Re: Kaide Gordon Player Thread
      Reply #29: Jan 20, 2022 09:46:10 pm
      Did well today, looked at home against Arsenal and was unlucky not to score.
      Robby The Z
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      Re: Kaide Gordon Player Thread (Academy)
      Reply #30: Jan 22, 2023 11:53:42 pm
      A year later, he is running outdoors and getting closer to a return. Hopefully he can get back on track as he looked a top talent.

      We've had a young players take long term injuries, including Kaide, Paul Glatzel, Layton Stewart.
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      Re: Kaide Gordon Player Thread (Academy)
      Reply #31: Mar 01, 2023 12:52:20 am
      I keep forgetting about this lad. Apparently hes in ‘a good place’ now so hopefully will see him on the bench soon.
      With doak, Cavalho and Elliot we have a lot of youngsters who could make a difference….

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