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      Today is the 30th of November and on this date LFC's match record is P23 W13 D3 L7

      Pre-match: Watford V Liverpool [Saturday October 16th, 12:30]

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      Re: Pre-match: Watford V Liverpool [Saturday October 16th, 12:30]
      Reply #75: Oct 16, 2021 11:24:20 am
      It is worth consideration Billy, but my question would be whether Gomez has the range of passing needed to play in this role under Jürgen's system(s). The setup that Jose Mourinho implemented at Porto and then Chelsea, made good use of this windshield wiper/destroyer type position with Claude Makelele, Michael Essien and Jon Obi Mikel perhaps most famously filling the role. They managed to physically dominate the middle of the park, especially in their half of it, and it was a formula that took a while to overcome as Jose used it in Italy and Spain as well.

      I think now thought the #6 role on a top team requires someone more like Fab, who can be hard on opposing attackers but also instrumental in transition, switching the field and even getting forward to support the attack at times. I don't know if Joe can fill that part of the role.

      While I'm a fan of Hendo, I have my doubts as to how effective he would be anymore as a primary attacking player. I think his main role would be helping cover for the fullbacks. Still, as you say, we are down to bare bones in midfield and will have to accept not everyone will be in their optimal role for the time being.

      You have a good point regarding Joe's passing ability particularly long range and i guess if push came to shove and he did play as a temporary DM a sacrifice would have to be accepted and although not ideal making things do would get us through, I was more in favour of his defensive abilities and prevention rather than his curtailed attacking prowess hence having a defender rather than midfielder in the same position,  we could of course play him next to Hendo and have Naby in front in a 4-2-1-3 that might work but we do have to remember that it would be entirely temporary and a case of trying to find a solution in a one off situation.


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