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      The Boot Room Boys

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      Re: The Boot Room Boys
      Reply #23: Apr 14, 2022 01:38:08 pm
      What a fella he was, this is probably my favourite Shankly bit - backing the working class football supporters against the uppity TV luvvies

      I absolutely envy anyone who was able to support Liverpool when this man was at the helm. The adulation those supporters must have had for the man

      Where it comes from, the belief that we will batter anyone, stems from this Man. Klopp has come in and is now teaching that same belief to the new generations that we had passed down to us from our relatives.
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      Re: The Boot Room Boys
      Reply #24: Apr 14, 2022 10:33:23 pm
      even as a kid we knew when Bill Shankly spoke we would listen. He was a force for good a unique energy that was transferred to anyone who he came into contact with.
      Of all his achievements the 74 Cup final was just a master class  and we gave NUFC a footballing lesson and it was the base line despite him going for what would become his own vision a BASTION OF INVINCIBILITY. He was genuinely loved and revered and still is and always will be.
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      Re: The Boot Room Boys
      Reply #25: Apr 21, 2022 11:57:28 am
      Does anyone know how it can be streamed in the U.S.? I'm dying to watch but can't find it anywhere!

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