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      Non LFC Footy Kits 2022/2023

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      Non LFC Footy Kits 2022/2023
      Jul 07, 2022 10:54:24 am
      Maybe it's just me, but growing up I'd always amass a collection of jerseys, not just LFC ones.
      So I look forward to the new season and seeing what kits are out there.

      What's caught your eye and what might you buy? (Not LFC kits)

      I'll start. Can't beat a simple Adidas kit.

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      Re: Non LFC Footy Kits 2022/2023
      Reply #1: Jul 13, 2022 08:12:00 pm
      I actually really like Nott. Forest's new kit.

      It's simple and there a subtle graphic on the sleeves depicting a bridge from the city.

      Too bad it'll probably be ruined when they stick a sponsor's logo in the middle.

      It seems to be a weird year for football kits. A lot of very strange designs.

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