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      Show your LFC shirt collection & memories

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      Show your LFC shirt collection & memories
      Jul 17, 2022 10:57:08 am
      I thought it might be fun to share our Liverpool shirts collection with each other and maybe also some background information why you bought a particular shirt. :) I'm not that type of supporter who automatically buys the new shirt every year when they are released, but for me I always tie special moments to a particular shirt that made me then go out and buy it.

      The 2006-2008 shirt was actually the first shirt I was able to get my hands on in Germany. Therefore it went up onto the wall. Gerrard is on the back.

      The 2012/13 shirt I bought after Gerrard's stunning goal in the Etihad against City.

      The Suarez 2013/14 shirt I went to buy after he scored 4 goals agains Norwich at Anfield with that stunning cracker from the half way line!

      The Hendo shirt from 2014/15 I bought because it was the first season were we played in the CL again and I just really wanted to have a Liverpool shirt again with that CL batch on the arm. Hendo was not the important player that he now is for the club but I always loved his commitment on the pitch!

      The 2018/19 shirt with Robbo I bought on a trip in Singapore after I discovered a store that sold any kind of football shirts. I simply loved the darker red colour and I in general like football shirt with a collar. Wearing it while we won the CL later that year just added a special memory for me  :)

      The jersey from 2020/21 with the famous number 66 I got simply because I could wear a shirt with the EPL winners logo on and the FIFA world club winners batch! After so many previous years of zero to none silverware it was such a great feeling wearing that shirt!

      That brings us to the last shirt on the list, the 2021/22 away shirt. I usually don't really care about the away shirts and almost exclusively go for the red home shirt. However this one is an exception for me because first I personally think it looks absolutely boss and second we more than humiliated a certain small team from Manchester in it! This shirt has no player on the back simply because I could not decide who I wanted to get, so I left it blank  :)

      How about you guys?  :)

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      Re: Show your LFC shirt collection & memories
      Reply #1: Jul 18, 2022 03:54:15 am
      I would love to pull them all out, but that would simply take too long ;D. I have 32 with names and badges, and the boys together have about the same....... I'll give you the rundown of just a few.....

      Smicer Instanbul shirt. Just thought he played well and on his final appearance made sure we would always remember his name.

      Mane L/S derby rebound winner. Huge goal. Always try and buy exactly what they wore if I can (sleeve/ patches). Also have the the prem jersey he wore and scored the only goal when we got back from Qutar and were allowed to wear the WC badge for one game

      Gerrard LS #17 from the treble year. He won PFL Young Player of the year that season. Rad shirt

      Michael Owen FA Cup final.

      Mo Salah UCL 19 final jersey with Final Insignia in the middle

      VVD Caraboa cup final jersey from earlier this season.

      Hendos 20-21 kit with the Prem champ badges and WC champs badge.

      Adam Lallanas Norwich winner

      I have Alonso, Robbo, Carragher (3) Gerrads (2 more, both away) Firmino Orange, Grobbelar Candy kit (;D), Agger 08, Hypia 04, VVD purple, Salah 17/18, Hendo 13/13, Milner white away, Suarez 13, Torres 07/08, Fowler 97/98, Dalglish Yellow Crown Paints, 19/ 20 Origi, 20/21 Teal Fab, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

      The worst one my boys have is a Karius ;D. Contemplated burning it.

      It's my hobby. Damn expensive one at that
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