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      Today is the 5th of October and on this date LFC's match record is P25 W17 D1 L7

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      Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace: In game and Post Match discussion

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      Re: Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace: In game and Post Match discussion
      Reply #713: Aug 18, 2022 09:05:04 pm
      Yeah I am not one to usually post so abruptly after a game, just been looking forward to the season for a while and those two results/performances really rubbed me up the wrong way, the lesson has been learnt though.

      I will be in here come FT on Monday lauding the boys for their 4-0 battering of UTD.
      I was the same mate, I think there’s been so much anticipation for the season to start and then the first couple of results have left a bad taste. That mixed with alcohol was a recipe for disaster really.
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      Re: Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace: In game and Post Match discussion
      Reply #714: Aug 20, 2022 12:02:46 pm
      No two seasons are the same, whether it’s Pre, during or even just after, now I get why ppl will say that the season is done because we’re already behind ….by 4 pts ;D, …but we managed to haul back 14 pts within 12 weeks I believe last season so 4 behind is f**k all….at this point in the campaign, obviously  4 behind with two to play could play out differently and is a completely different  scenario,

      Fact is anything can happen between this weekend and the last match in May, we, all of us including the know all’s and the know f**k all’s, like Merson, are just guessing really, if you listen to the constant Manc based bias from Sky and read every red top comic they’ll tell you the title is done and We will struggle for 5th behind a super charged Arse, a rebooted Spuds, and turbo charged Chavs,
      but Hey Diddle diddle Citeh’s on the fiddle, their classless cnuts sing bluemoon, we all grinned when Ole got binned, and some of us give up too soon, boom boom !!

      It seems we have a mini injury crisis right now which has seriously curtailed our start to the campaign, it’s not ideal drawing both opening games but it’s hardly the end of the world either, of course the fraudsters will have a lead over us that’s a given these days but nowhere does it say they can’t be over hauled, they are NOT invincible, in fact I’d argue they are weaker slightly than last season, with greedy cnut & Jesus having sought pastures new, and Pep filling his only basket full of Haaland eggs, Humpty Dumpty has f**k all to do with this I promise 🤪,

      Look I don’t wish serious injury to any player but for me Pep is risking/relying too much on his ‘Goldilocks’ and there’s no way will he ‘bear’ it if he was to injure either of his major, arteriel or menial ligaments or worse, ACL, who bags all their goodies then ?

      We all know about marathons & sprints this will be a bit different what with the Dodgy World Cup coming up laters, note; a pre- cursor for a winter break possibly, who knows but will the break in fact be a godsend rather than a hindrance, anyhoo I’m rambling again, Anyhoo…

      …If you support this club of ours, you’ll know, that we never give up, EVER, so saying we’re done after two games is really quite pathetic really and that simply just isn’t our way is it ??

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