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      Ben Doak Player Thread (F)

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      Ben Doak Player Thread (F)
      Nov 10, 2022 01:07:48 pm
      I thought his cameo last night deserves a thread as I think he has the raw ingredients to become a top player.
      Loved his ability to step off both feet and has a turn of pace.

      One definitely to look out for in the future.
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      Re: Ben Doak Player Thread (F)
      Reply #1: Nov 10, 2022 01:36:51 pm
      Spoke to a fellow red after the game who was in the stadium and asked did he look as good as he did on TV? It was a resounding yes.

      Honestly, I don't think I have been that impressed from a youngster making a first appearance as that.

      He has a long way of course but I want to see more of him, the way he swivels the hips and moves his feet only reminds me of one other and he is arguably the GOAT.

      Excited to say the least.
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      Re: Ben Doak Player Thread (F)
      Reply #2: Nov 10, 2022 01:41:57 pm
      Knew of him coming through at Celtic and was over the moon when we nabbed him.

      Been lapping up him playing for the youngsters on LFCTv - htg against Napoli there were 2 mins on clock and he had ripped both full backs a new one.

      I didnt have access to see Fowler / Gerrard or Owen at that age but this lad is the best Ive seen. More rounded and not solely reliant on pure pace like Sterling.

      Honestly think this is lad is a £200m+ embryo.....I just hope we never sell him.
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      Re: Ben Doak Player Thread (F)
      Reply #3: Nov 10, 2022 02:43:57 pm
      What I liked about him is he seemed to not realize how young he is and that he wasn't supposed to be so confident. That will serve him well. It's how Trent use to play. Bit of fire there. Be keeping my eye on this one.
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      Re: Ben Doak Player Thread (F)
      Reply #4: Nov 10, 2022 08:43:15 pm
      Heard a lot about him from a Celtic mate who said he remind him of Bale as a kid

      He was bright , confident and happy to go at his players. Got a bright future
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      Re: Ben Doak Player Thread (F)
      Reply #5: Nov 10, 2022 09:48:58 pm
      To have senior appearances for both Celtic and Liverpool at 16 years of age says it all really. Been plenty of promising youngsters through this club, some make it and some don’t. Excited to see what happens with him.
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      Re: Ben Doak Player Thread (F)
      Reply #6: Nov 10, 2022 10:03:50 pm
      He stood out enough for me and my mum to go wth did that youngster just do well we never said that we looked at each other and went wtf, wont get my hopes up though, cool to see a player I wasn't even aware of have some magic about him though can only be a positive. I won't go too romantic about the game against Derby, even though it was respect worthy, the effort, it still wasn't massively impressive or anything, just keeping grounded about it, the players who played in that game should be played in the league cup as their personal goal, they earned it. Is right Doak  well done I mean like he came on last ten minutes? Lets not get carried away. Cool though.

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