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      Sean Cox Regains Consciousness

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      Re: Sean Cox Regains Consciousness
      Reply #75: Nov 08, 2019 06:12:38 pm
      Understandably, Martin Cox didn't take the City song about Liverpool too well. His response was to remind them, that it's only weeks since one of their own fans at a European tie ended up in hospital with serious injuries. But I suppose if you're a club without a heart or a soul, you don't have a memory either.

      Remember, this is the club where the current FW POTY is, portrayed by the media as a role model, just 4 years after his adventures with nitrous oxide. He was on that plane and (as his club did) probably defends the song. Despite the official denials, everyone knows who and what it was referring to. So it seems, club employees singing about football fans who suffer life changing injuries or worse as banter, but say x to a non white Caucasian, and he recommends fines, points deductions, lifetime bans, and stadium closures be dished out, as that's clearly a much more serious issue to him.

      First it was Chelsea fans singing about us, then it was Wolves fans, now it's City staff. It must be a fear of Liverpool. We just do our talking on the pitch.

      We need to show everyone that we don’t stoop as low as this. Give City a rousing reception, but let’s not demean ourselves and this great Club by giving them yet another reason to criticise us! Let’s show everyone that we know how to support our team without resorting to anything that brings shame on our Club and City. Let’s beat them on the pitch! Come on you Redmen!  :kop5cf8koxp6: :aaliverpoolwz0: :kop5cf8koxp6:

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