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      Fitness thread

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      Re: Fitness thread
      Reply #2175: Jun 16, 2019 07:41:26 am
      Getting ready to run my first timed 5k this morning. Training for a half marathon at the end of July.

      Hope it went well
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      Re: Fitness thread
      Reply #2176: Jun 16, 2019 08:40:55 am
      Coming up to the 3 month mark of doing a bit of training

      Up to 3 times a week now, which I never thought I could be arsed doing but as with a lot of things it's addictive once you get going. Been addicted to a lot worse over the years 😂

      I'm a hell of a lot stronger than when I started (was weak as pish to be fair)

      Can definitely see and feel the difference but not quite as much as I'd have liked. Entirely my fault though as I just enjoy eating sh*te too much and I've got an eating plan I should be sticking to but just don't.

      Next holiday is 28th August so plan on cleaning up my eating (from tomorrow, diets always start on a Monday don't they? 😂) and try to get into better shape for it.
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      Re: Fitness thread
      Reply #2177: Jun 16, 2019 01:11:03 pm

      My finish time was 35:02.01. I finished 158 out of 578 and 14 of 84 for the females 40 to 49.

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