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      Jose Reina (Liverpool -> Bayern Munich -> Napoli)

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      Re: Jose Reina (Liverpool -> Bayern Munich -> Napoli)
      Reply #2670: Jul 19, 2017 01:05:44 am
      Bin off Migs, bring back Pepe and Karius will benefit as a result, as well as the team in general. One of the biggest problems with our team is that the defence clearly have no confidence in Migs, unlike when we had Pepe, he was a key part of the team on and off the pitch, he gave confidence to the defence. Not to mention he could actually kick the ball without it going out of play or to the other team. Pepe when he left us was better than Migs, towards the end of his career now and past his best but he's still better than Migs.

      But it's never going to happen.

      Agree with everything you've said. And it depresses the f**k out of me.

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