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      Irish liverpool fans!

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      Irish liverpool fans!
      Reply #25: Aug 07, 2006 09:06:24 am
      I never called any one a glory hunter, I never said a word about fans from other parts of the country or indeed the world. I took offence to one post calling me a F***ing C**t, the fact that the person who posted this says he's Irish is of no interest to me, the fact that he does this while hiding behind a PC has pissed me off.
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      Irish liverpool fans!
      Reply #26: Aug 07, 2006 06:09:47 pm
      goodness m8 i was jus annoyed u slabberin at me m8 big semple
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      Irish liverpool fans!
      Reply #27: Aug 08, 2006 07:47:41 pm
      Now now. We're all Red's, thats alls that matters. Who gives a flying f*ck whether we live in Kirkdale or East Fife, we've all got something in common. We all support the greatest team in England. Glory hunters don't go on forum websites like this to discuss their teams. They don't know who plays for their 'team of the season' so they'd stick out like sore thumbs. We'e made our points now can't we all just get along  8)
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      Irish liverpool fans!
      Reply #28: Aug 10, 2006 03:11:37 pm
      Quote from: "Semple"
      Im from south belfast
      Jesus,there`s alot of McCooey`s on here. :D  ;D  :D
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      Irish liverpool fans!
      Reply #29: Aug 12, 2006 10:50:29 pm
      HI. Im from Dublin, living in Wicklow, and i have been a passionate Liverpool fan for as long as i can remember!
      People ask "When did you start supporting liverpool?" and i honestly dont know!! I feel as if I was born with it!!

      btw, I am no spring chicken, my next big birthday will be 40 !! :!:

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