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      Arsenal and the Champions League

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      Arsenal and the Champions League
      Mar 10, 2006 08:23:25 pm
      Can you believe the similarities between us last season and them this.

      They are playing sh*t in the league, in 5th place behind their 'lesser' neighbours. They are doing well in the Champions League.  They are worrying that their club captain is about to leave to another high profile club. They could need to win the Champions League to be in it last season.

      If they get to the final and are 3-0 down at half time, sell the kids and put it on them for a second half comeback I say!!

      No seriously good luck to Arsenal.  If it had been any of the other two it would have been different, but I hope they can go all the way - would actually enjoy seeing Wenger rubbing Mourinho and Fergie's nose in it.

      But maybe it will be Houllier and his quality new 'pliers'.
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      Arsenal and the Champions League
      Reply #1: Mar 10, 2006 11:02:21 pm

      Also today's comments about Arsenal not being 'British'. It makes me proud that Liverpool have a proper scouse spine in the team, from Carragher at centre half, to Gerrard at centre midfield to Fowler at centre forward.

      Any other teams in the Premiership with that degree of local players in the starting XI??  I wonder?
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      Arsenal and the Champions League
      Reply #2: Mar 11, 2006 02:29:12 pm
      They can have a crack at the Champions League, just as long as we stuff them tomorrow.

      Its a shame last time at Highbury actually.  The location of the ground always reminded me a bit like Anfield.  

      I remember a FA Cup Semi against Portsmouth there where Johnny Barnes scored a great free kick.  What year was that now?

      Anyway, hope everyone who is goin enjoys the trip down and we come back with all 3 points.
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      Arsenal and the Champions League
      Reply #3: Mar 11, 2006 06:09:15 pm
      i don't really care if they win it or not. but what annoys me about them they got to the quater finals without playing a english player

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