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      Beckham..... to be or not to be

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      Beckham..... to be or not to be
      Aug 17, 2006 03:17:33 pm
      NOW at last we can offically say that beckham in england squad is over... or is it??? I don't think we should kick him out soo hastily... i think he should be included in the squad not necessily as a first team player... but he would b good to comeon as a sub and score a free kick or take a pen... plus he does bring the profile of the england squad up!!

      views please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      Beckham..... to be or not to be
      Reply #1: Aug 17, 2006 03:43:04 pm
      my opinion is that he should step down and retire form england he is gettin old and he should understand that there are younger players who have started to come into somehtin lately for example aaron lennon, so i think he should just give internation footie up

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