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      Next match: LFC v UnionSG [Europa League] Thu 5th Oct @ 8:00 pm

      Today is the 4th of October and on this date LFC's match record is P27 W14 D5 L8


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      Re: Chelsea
      Reply #3887: Sep 07, 2023 04:51:32 pm
      I thought that club's way of doing things under Abrahamovic was pretty stupid, but at least it bared some results. Inconsistent results that required lots of money, but results nonetheless.

      This Boehly guy tho. Wow. You've got to wonder what will happen with all those 5 to 8 year contracts they've dished out like its candy. They seem to have kept the revolving door policy when it comes to their managers, but now also hire managers that are specifically the opposite type of manager you hire when you have such policy in place. This means that we can assume its only a question of time before Pochetino is shown the door which is going to exacerbate the problem even more, especially if they can't replace him with one of those ''instant success'' type of managers à la Mourinho or Conte who will come in, coach for a year or two and leave your club in total shambles, but at least you'll have won a trophy or two.

      Some of those players will have no problem sitting there for the rest of their prison sentence type contract, but some others will ask for a move away in a season or so from now if they keep looking this sh*t. Are you going to be able to sell those guys at prices remotely close to what you bought them for. I guess Saudi Arabia will come to the rescue.

      I have little faith in FFP, but even then. There's only so many billions you can spend before UEFA and the PL feel the need put on some sort of a show to make it look like they are doing their jobs.
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      Re: Chelsea
      Reply #3888: Sep 13, 2023 01:00:16 am

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