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      Billy Liddell memorial

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      Billy Liddell memorial
      Aug 02, 2008 11:38:10 pm is proud to highlight the work of the The Billy Liddell Memorial Group.

      The aim of the group is twofold, firstly to have a lasting memorial to Billy erected in his home village of Townhill. Secondly, to have Billy’s name added to the Scottish Football Association’s Hall of Fame.  You can help by joining the group and helping with their campaign or by emailing the Scottish Football Association Hall of Fame on and nominate Billy for inclusion. Or by using this link, to add your signature to our Scottish Parliament e-petition.

      The website for The Billy Liddell Memorial Group is at

      You can contact the group:

      By Telephone, 01383 602396 
      Email -
      Contact Form - click on this link
      By post, at the address below
      Mike Payne
      Community Education Worker
      Townhill Community Leisure Centre
      Main Street
      Fife KY12 0EN


      considerin his name is my screen name I thought I should do our Bill justice and post this. Don't know if it's a modern thing or it's been goin on for a while now, there's no date on the site but a worthy cause none the less. Also it shouldn't just be the scottish hall of fame it should be the world, other than our Bill there was one other man who played for the Great Britain side twice and that was Stanley Matthews.

      From what I know, heard,  seen and read the fella was untouchable at his best. Apparently an honest and better version of Ronaldo. Hopefully a few of our older members can inform us with a better level of detail on his actuall ability. But anyway I think it's a worthy cause to have a memorial of him. Wouldn't harm the club itself to have some sort of rememberance for him. If it wasn't for Liddell we'd of been gettin relegated from the old second division. He kept us nearly single handedly durin the 50s.

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