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      Carling Cup Ticket Prices

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      Carling Cup Ticket Prices
      Oct 10, 2008 01:19:15 pm
      Been discussed, sort of, in other topics but for the Crewe game the other week Liverpool charged £24 for an adult Kop ticket - compared to £10 and even £5 at some other Premiership clubs.


      4.   Ticketing: Manchester City and Arsenal both recently charged £10 for game, with £5 for children. Even for the Crew Alex. League Cup game Liverpool failed to do anything like this. It is imperative that the club price these less attractive fixtures to allow younger fans, and those on limited incomes, to attend.

      RP admitted they 'got it wrong’. The club do try and be competitive, they said, and compared the pricing to last season's comparable tie (Cardiff) to determine pricing. On the principle of matching pricing at Arsenal R.P. said they will "consider it next time". and "take each game on its merits". They do have a more flexible adult and child deal for this type of game whereby and adult can take 2 kids. RP pointed out that there goal is to "fill the ground", there is no real limit on adult and child tickets so more could be sold if demand warranted it, it’s just the fact that they are never fully taken up. BM said the next round will be no cheaper as he believed that Tottenham will be charging £37.

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