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      General Liverpool FC Ticketing problems

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      General Liverpool FC Ticketing problems
      Oct 10, 2008 01:23:58 pm
      A whole cacophany of issues with the ticketing for Liverpool games.

      There are a number of complaints with the system as I see it.

      1. Local sales should be encouraged ie. those who can get down to the ground are disadvantaged to those who can ring up with a credit card and grab 4 tickets.

      2. The above situation helps touts, who hold fancards, get hold of Liverpool tickets and then flog them either by traditional means or through the online ticket selling agencies for around £200 a go.

      3. Similarly this is an issue for away games.  Non-genuine fans holding fancards have been purchasing tickets, and because they have so many 'credits' on their card - less and less, with each passing game, of away tickets are genuinely going to the person who is going to attend them.

      I'd imagine this is turning in to a extremely profitable business for some touts now and Liverpool really need to look in to ways of ensuring that genuine fans, and not faceless fancards with huge credits racked up, are going to these games.


      7. Ticketing issues - a separate dossier to be handed to the club with some criticisms and complaints. 

      Dossier handed to BM. SOS to follow up with Bryce.  The issue of TO window sales was brought up - the club explained the operational difficulties of possibly having several thousand people turn up at the windows. The police have raised objections to this. RP said they were still trying to find a way for cash sales to happen. The phone line for CC sales is NOT a premium rate line as has been suggested, said BM, and the CC line is run by an outside organisation and not LFC. We expressed our concerns about the 'customer experience' of the CC line and the dissatisfaction it often brought. With no paper tickets now being issued to fancard holders for cup games, the club is to scrap the 50p charge they made for posting them out. It was too late to do this for PSV - it was a genuine oversight we were assured - but for all future games, the charge for the ticket will not include this 50p.  We brought up a complaint about SABRA tours selling tickets for Chelsea away (in our end)  RP has asked any tickets sold by this operator be copied to LFC so the source can be traced. BM said there was a longstanding arrangement with SABRA (this is pre-current regime, back in Peter Robinson's days), whereby SABRA get 75 tickets for each home game. RP expressed surprise as there is no documentation of this. RP asked BM  to try and find any paperwork, and if there is none to bring the arrangement to a close.

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