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      Today is the 21st of February and on this date LFC's match record is P22 W10 D6 L6

      Pre-Match: Bournemouth V Liverpool 21st Jan 16:30

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      Re: Pre-Match: Bournemouth V Liverpool 21st Jan 16:30
      Reply #46: Jan 21, 2024 04:03:09 pm
      Strongest possible line up given the injuries etc. Predicted by many. Lot of focus on Nunez as usual. Will he won't he score. Not a millstone by any means.Said a month or two back that he obviously has be cool, calm and cold when the chances come.

      Problem with that is that he is naturally 'hot blooded'. On the edge all the time. Not a bad thing but could mean 10-15 per season rather than in the 20+ bracket.

      I'm sorry but for 80plus million it needs to be 20 plus. Needs to start taking his chances ... starting today.

      But he is contributing ... hopefully that continues again today with him on the scoresheet too. Work ethic and attitude is spot on !!!

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