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      Next match: Brighton v LFC [Premier League] Wed 8th Jul @ 8:15 pm - Pre Match Topic
      Amex Stadium

      Today is the 8th of July and on this date LFC's match record is P2 W1 D1 L0

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      Summer 2020 Transfer Board / Re: Thiago Alcantara (Bayer Munich)
      « Last post by Robby The Z on Today at 12:17:36 pm »
      Next summer on a free maybe.

      Buying him this summer would run contrary to how we've been doing business, and especially to the current situation with such a loss in revenue.
      The situation with Werner tells me we won't be bringing anyone in this summer for more than a relatively small fee. Klopp evidently liked him as a player but the money just isn't there based on the club's business model, which is a model that has taken us back to the pinnacle in England and Europe.

      It may not provide the instant gratification a high profile transfer in seems to bring, but it is now proven to work. I think the squad doesn't need major adds for next season, only minor tweaks.
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Adam Lallana Player Thread
      « Last post by Robby The Z on Today at 12:02:28 pm »
      Klopp says he won't play for us again this season unless absolute necessary, as he is set to move to Leicester. He added that he will miss his attitude in training a great deal.
      Summer 2020 Transfer Board / Re: General Transfer rumours/gossip thread
      « Last post by Swab on Today at 12:00:57 pm »
      Yes the manager knows what he's doing most of the time, but we aren't undefeated since he's come here are we? We did get knocked out of CL this year also didn't we?

      Do you have any other valid point to make other than blindly trust Klopp and don't ever discuss the team?

      Players need spelled for a number of reasons...injury, fatigue, form.........

      Are you saying that we should always be able to rely on the same 3 players to consistently play at the highest level with no dip or injury for the total of a season including all cup games? Because I think that's absurd and I don't know of many top teams that don't have at least one or two very capable difference makers on their bench.

      For the life of me though can't figure out why you even post in these topics since you don't really seem interested in actual debate, just telling people why their opinions are wrong and to "trust Klopp".

      Think I'll rename you "Echo" since you seem to like the sound of your opinion over anything else.

      I can't believe I've just read the bit in bold.

      I hope it was meant differently than it reads, otherwise, it's just incredibly arrogant.
      I expect another tight contest, most likely a one goal game, hopefully with us winning. Brighton are not quite safe yet so I expect a real battling performance from them.

      Anybody know what's happening with their appeal? Is there a decision expected sometime soon?

      July 13th.
      Hope the ban stands but I don’t think it will, possibly 1 year but I’d be shocked if they’ve not managed to bribe their way out of it completely.
      General Football Forum / Re: The Official: Laugh At Man City Thread
      « Last post by TameImpala on Today at 11:19:34 am »
      Anybody know what's happening with their appeal? Is there a decision expected sometime soon?
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Sadio Mané Player Thread
      « Last post by heimdall on Today at 11:17:48 am »
      Cheers AussieRed & Boston not la! Found it.

      do you have a link, I can only find the trailers?
      Think an early goal would do us the world of good tonight. We've struggled to break teams down since the restart because their happy to sit in a block against us, and obviously with the lack of crowd and other factors I don't think the team has had the same urgency & ability to penetrate that they did pre-COVID. Funnily enough I'd probably say Man City was the best opening 20/25 minutes we've had in terms of an attacking sense & liveliness since the restart last month. Even Palace was a bit of a struggle during the first half an hour, with us needing a Trent set piece to finally break the deadlock.

      But yeah, hopefully an early goal and a few for Mo too if possible - keep him in the race for the golden boot
      Time to shake off the cobwebs, start playing like real champions, 3  0 to the Reds at Brighton tonight.
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