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      Next match: LFC v Madrid [Champions League] Sat 28th May @ 8:00 pm - Pre Match Topic
      Stade de France, Paris

      Today is the 28th of May and on this date LFC's match record is P4 W1 D3 L0

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      Up the reds.
      Morning…. Destiny arrives…
      my Dad god bless him was a huge Red and also a fantastic sportsman. He took me to Goodison in 1970 to see a player called Kevin Keegan who played for Scunthorpe V Tranmere how many can say  they sae Keegan play before he played for Liverpool.
      For those of us still around who remember those days they will tell you how alike today is and Bill Shankly was every bit as passionate as Jürgen is. Just watch the 74 Cup final to compare todays game he was a visionary

      I actually like Keegan till his rant when he was at Newcastle.  :lmao:
      Loving reading everyone’s positivity.

      I’m actually shitting it myself 😬
      Sports / Re: Formula 1 2022
      « Last post by Keith Singleton on Today at 08:18:10 am »
      You mean Sainz names all over it....

      The red car looking by far the best but round Monaco it wouldn’t surprise me two DNF for them. Weirdly enough if only one of them don’t finish I think it’s LeClerc
      The Olympia / Re: The Count to a million Thread
      « Last post by gopher on Today at 08:15:48 am »
      as a betting man I would urge you to play poker it will be less painfull

      Now got work involved to so the match it is.
      Sure they will do us proud, massive plus for us if Thiago starts, barring any red cards, dodgy decisions, confident we will win in 90 mins. COYR 💪
      Cant wait for this. Let's get in the mood and listen to this better...
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