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      Next match: LFC v Stoke [Premier League] Sat 28th Apr @ 12:30 pm

      Today is the 25th of April and on this date LFC's match record is P25 W9 D9 L7

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      Taken in isolation, 5-2 is a fantastic result putting us firmly in the driving seat and favourites to progress.  It is only because of the previous round that we become worried/concerned.  Yes Roma turned the tie against Barca around, but we are a different prospect - we won't change the way we play.  We also stopped City ("the best team in Europe") from getting close to us.  I suppose it depends which view of the last round you take.

      While giving up the 2 late goals takes some of the gloss off the result, it was still a great performance, showing what sets us apart from other sides.  The 20 minute spell before half time (and then the start of the second) is what we do so well (and what City couldn't do to us) - we just seem to build up that momentum and have a period when we become unstoppable.

      While Mo takes all the plaudits, and rightly so, I thought the catalyst was Hendo who midway through the first half got a grip on the game and turned it in our favour.  It is this type of game where he shows us the player he is at his best. I thought he was excellent.

      Think the second leg will be tense, but I think we showed that we are a much better side than them and should have nothing to fear if we play our natural game.
      The Kop / Re: Liverpool 5-2 AS Roma: In game and Post Match discussion
      « Last post by Billy1 on Today at 05:04:58 am »
      All we have to do in Italy is draw and we are in the final,can we do it of course we can.I will be more worried for our travelling supporters than Roma beating us. :kop5cf8koxp6:
      Summer Transfer Board / Re: Alisson Becker (AS Roma)
      « Last post by Dmasta on Today at 04:47:48 am »
      Can't say he was exactly impressive.
      Just a great evening.

      Klopp said afterward that Ox's injury means we will have to be "creative" the rest of the way. That makes me think he will do one or both from a couple of options.

      Rotate from deep in the squad for Saturday, using Woodburn for the first time since September and possibly enlisting some even less-experiened young players like Masterson, Jones, Kane, Camacho, etc.

      Or I wonder if he would consider using Firmino in the #8 attacking midfield role, perhaps playing a 4-4-2 to avoid the whole midfield flooding to which Barca fell victim.

      He also said we "need" to win against Stoke City so I don't quite expect the first option. I did notice Clyne was on the bench today so would prefer him to play right back Saturday, rather than Gomez.
      Aye, Rush has done well .. .  Lindaesque.. :)

      LOL - when i first saw it live, i thought "Does John know about this?"
      Absolutely there was no way Barca were 4-1 better than Roma and I imagine their Manager is a little stubborn so will carry on playing the high line like he did with Barca.

      Agree with all of this.

      It will help, however, if we don't concede in the 2nd minute next Wednesday.  :)
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Player Thread
      « Last post by Dadorious on Today at 03:45:07 am »
      Gutted for him.
      The Kop / Re: Liverpool 5-2 AS Roma: In game and Post Match discussion
      « Last post by CT_LFC on Today at 03:44:01 am »
      3-0 also sinks us.

      We've conceded three goals (or more) on seven occasions this season (City twice, Seville, Spurs, West Brom, Arsenal, Watford - we won one and drew two of those matches). We've scored 3 (or more) on 23 occasions.

      I like our chances to advance.

      Last time we lost by a 3 goal margin was in Oct against Spurs, prior to Van Dijk arriving, Robertson taking over the starting position and Karius' revival.

      In the Champions League we are undefeated and scored more goals than anyone in the competition, including 17 in 5 away games. It'd take a massive collapse for us to miss out on the finals, at which point we just would not deserve to go to them.
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Mohamed Salah Player Thread
      « Last post by Dadorious on Today at 03:44:01 am »
      Some performance that,mesmerizing!
      The Kop / Re: Liverpool 5-2 AS Roma: In game and Post Match discussion
      « Last post by Dmasta on Today at 03:40:17 am »
      I think if you offered us 5-2 before the game we'd have all taken it.

      They've shown tonight that if we put them under enough pressure that they'll lose their structure. Same result as the city game for me, when we nab a goal they'll be done.
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