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      Kirklees Stadium

      Today is the 18th of October and on this date LFC's match record is P21 W8 D6 L7

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      The Kop / Re: Pre-Match: Huddersfield Town V Liverpool (20/10/18 - 17:30)
      « Last post by Robby The Z on Yesterday at 11:48:00 pm »
      I agree, but I'll go back to my previous point that all he's had are niggly muscle injuries; nothing structural, no bad breaks or severe ligament damage, nothing that is career threatening.
      The same as Sturridge.

      I mean Gerrard actually had parts of his adductor muscle and heel cut away because of post operative infections, and he kept going for a few years after that, even though he had limited movement compared to before he had the infections.

      IMO he's just been a bit unlucky, and the fact it's happened at least a couple of times whilst away with England implies it's a training issue that is managed pretty well by the club, but ignored by the England medical team.

      I understand someone can be 30 and still do well. He just wasn't effective last year, but by all means I'd love to see him return to form. I wonder however, if Red Star might be the time to use some of these players who need a game. If some guys like Milner or Mo are only just able to play, maybe not  having them play three times in a week would be smart, and the midweek game (all three of them really) should be quite manageable. Or Jürgen could go Hendo, Gini, Milner for all three matches and we take full points. I'm ready for anything.
      The Olympia / Re: The Count to a million Thread
      « Last post by zz19a on Yesterday at 11:24:23 pm »
      I play with the "proven" team, no experiments on the road.


      The Kop / Re: Pre-Match: Huddersfield Town V Liverpool (20/10/18 - 17:30)
      « Last post by AussieRed on Yesterday at 10:28:29 pm »
      I understand we can rest some key players, but I feel that Lallana is pushing it a bit far.

      Cracking goal in training. Unstoppable.
      The Kop / Re: Pre-Match: Huddersfield Town V Liverpool (20/10/18 - 17:30)
      « Last post by FATKOPITE10 on Yesterday at 07:50:23 pm »
      Strongest available team for me, what that is at the moment is anyone's guess
      The Kop / Re: Pre-Match: Huddersfield Town V Liverpool (20/10/18 - 17:30)
      « Last post by MIRO on Yesterday at 06:55:47 pm »
      I know that Klopp and Wagner are best mates but for this it has to be set aside.

      Three points.

      The games we are now getting the results for.
      Jürgen might be tempted to rest a few for this one, i think thats the route I'd be going down.

      Might back fire but the rewards of getting some rest into the likes of Salah, Mane, Van Dijk could be priceless down the line.

      We have a squad now so it can be teusted a little more. If it all blows up then Klopp would be slated but he's paid the big bucks to make these decisions.
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Dejan Lovren Player Thread
      « Last post by adammac on Yesterday at 06:10:06 pm »
      Interesting to see him linked to Barca then again a lot of our players have been linked over the past couple weeks (Moreno and Firmino). As far as potential of Dejan it would be tough see it happening unless (a) they offer silly money or (b) he wants to push the move which he did to come to us.

      I expect him over the next run of 6 games to start half of them, especially after the great performance he put in vs Citeh before the break and VvD carrying that knock.
      The Kop / Re: The Forward Line
      « Last post by heimdall on Yesterday at 06:02:14 pm »
      Although they are not winning at the moment Huddersfield a playing quite well, and if anybody knows how to play against a Klopp side it's his mate David Wagner, this will be a tricky game

      are you being serious, Huddersfield playing well??? They are utter garbage and if we don't win by a 3 or 4 goal margin I'll be extremely fecking annoyed with or without Mane and Salah.
      The Olympia / Re: The Count to a million Thread
      « Last post by gopher on Yesterday at 05:02:43 pm »
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